Beeing based on NODE.js, it can use packages on NPM, except the ones which are addons, because they are native. They need to be rebuild to be usable under Electron (http://electron.atom.io/docs/tutorial/using-native-node-modules/).


To build XDHELCq, or, more globally, an electron app, you need to install electron and elctron-rebuild (npm install electron electron-rebuild). Launch then ./node_modules/.bin/electron-rebuild (to the developer: for XDHELCq, launch DVLGenGYP instead).

To launch electron, type ./node_modules/.bin/electron.


When trying to load the jQuery script, you may have this error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: jQuery is not defined.

To fix this, put below line before the one loading jQuery (from http://stackoverflow.com/questions/32621988/electron-jquery-is-not-defined):

<script>if (typeof module === 'object') {window.module = module; module = undefined;}</script>.