Software engineering

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  • Cyberaddiction, cyberbullying...: Zelbinium, to prevent risks related to smartphone use among teenagers!
  • the Atlas toolkit (, a new use of cloud computing for an innovative service accessible via a software library:
    • facilitating professional software development by non-professional developers,
    • designed to interest young people in computing in general and programming in particular, by offering them the possibility to easily develop applications that they can use on their own smartphones;
  • an example of a native software component I can develop for you for:
  • my GitHub account:;
  • my LinkedIn account:

Outstanding software

Tailor-made, thanks to the development by iterations for which you set the objectives progressively, each new iteration being launched only after validation of the software resulting from the previous iterations, in order to ensure its perfect adequacy to your needs.

Premium, by the use of proven technologies offering direct access to all the resources of the computer, for an optimal use of these resources and excellent performances whatever the nature of the software, from the simple command line utility to the client-server application.

The first iteration is developed without obligation, and the resulting software is made available to you at no cost to you. You will be able to judge the quality of my services and decide whether or not to use my services.

Let me know right now when and how to contact you, so that I can put my more than two decades of experience in software development at the service of your project.

N.B.: an iteration consists of one or a set of functionalities requiring only a few days of development (rarely more than a week). Functionalities that are too important to be developed in one iteration will be broken down into sub-functionalities spread over several iterations.