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  • The Atlas toolkit (, a new use of cloud computing for an innovative service accessible via a software library:
    • facilitating professional software development by non-professional developers,
    • designed to interest young people in computing in general and programming in particular, by offering them the possibility to easily develop applications that they can use on their own smartphones;
  • an example of a native software component I can develop for you for:
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Which company has not used spread sheets to store its data? Initially small enough to be processed quickly by hand, many of these files have grown so large over time that their handling has become a chore, both because of the nature of the required tasks and the time they take.

Nowadays, there are programming languages that are very accessible, richly documented and versatile enough to automate many tasks. Through a new approach to cloud computing, I have developed an innovative service that allows anyone to use these languages to create software that is easy to deploy and use.

As accessible as these languages are, you may not have the time to acquire the necessary skills. In this case, don't hesitate to ask me to develop these software, not to mention that the technologies I use as a development professional allow me to offer more powerful software with more advanced features.

The service I designed also allows to easily develop applications usable on smartphones with the aim, given their attachment to this device, to arouse the interest of young people for the digital in general and programming in particular. They will thus acquire very useful skills for the companies that will employ them.

I program in C/C++, in order to provide native code, more versatile, more powerful, with better resource management, and therefore more environmentally friendly, than interpreted code. Nowadays, most developers are specialized in web or mobile applications development, thus mastering only the technologies producing interpreted code.

More than 80% of a program's execution time is spent in less than 20% of the code. By using native code for this 20%, your application will be considerably faster. This code will be integrated to your application in the same way as a standard library provided with the language used, currently Java ( or Node.js (

The cloud computing service, accessible through the Atlas toolkit (, is part of a vast project with a section dedicated to its democratization within small businesses, as well as another dedicated to its use by educational institutions. If you are interested in a partnership concerning one or the other of these sections, do not hesitate to contact me.

I am of course also at your disposal for any request concerning the Atlas toolkit, or concerning the development of software.

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