'xppq' (CLI version) user manual

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xppq - an XML preprocessor.


xppq --help
    Displays this page.
xppq --version
    Displays the version of the program.
xppq --license
    Displays the program license.
xppq [--process] [-n|--namespace=<ns>] [--no-indent] [--preserve] [<in> [<out>]]
    Process the XML flow.
xppq --encrypt [-n|--namespace=<ns>] [--no-indent] [--preserve] [<in> [<out>]]
    Encrypt the XML flow.

--no-indent ('Parameters/Indentation'='No'):
    No indentation.
--preserve ('Parameters/Preserve'='Yes'):
    Take account of the 'preserve' attribute from 'bloc' tag.
<ns> ('Parameters/Namespace'):
    Namespace to use (instead of 'xpp').
<in> ('Parameters/Input'):
    Input file name (use of standard input if missing).
<out> ('Parameters/Output'):
    Output file name (use of standard output if missing).


xppq is an XML preprocessor which makes transformations of an XML file following tags which belongs to xpp namespace (by default ; see above on how to change namespace).


The --encrypt command is not useful as is, but only in conjunction with particular software, and how to deal with this command is then explained on the page dedicated to this software. Hence, this command is not detailed here.



See XPPq.