The output file

The output file is an XML file with a content like that :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="XSL_FILENAME"?>
<Picking xmlns:dpk="">
  <TABLE_TAG TotalAmount="TOTAL_AMOUT" SkippedTotalAmount="SKIPPED_TOTAL_AMOUNT" Amount="AMOUNT"
             SessionAmount="SESSION_AMOUNT" SessionSkippedAmount="SESSION_SKIPPED_AMOUNT"
             CycleAmount="CYCLE_AMOUNT" CycleSkippedAmount="CYCLE_SKIPPED_AMOUNT">
   <RECORD_TAG id="ID">
  • XSL_FILENAME : the XSL filename as defined in the the project file,
  • TABLE_TAG : the name of the table as defined in the label attribute of the dpk:table tag in the data file,
  • RECORD_TAG : the tag corresponding to the picked record (tag of the corresponding child of the dpk:content tag in the data file),
  • ID : index of the picked record (first record has inndex 1),
  • RECORD_CONTENT : the content of the record, as given in the data file,
  • TOTAL_AMOUNT : total amount or records ; this includes records with dpk:Handling=“Skip” attribute, but not records with dpk:Handling=“Ignore” attribute,
  • SKIPPED_TOTAL_AMOUNT : amount of records with the dpk:Handling=“Skip” attribute,
  • AMOUNT : amount of records in the output files ; is always 1, unless you call dpkq with an <id> value of 0, then AMOUNT = TOTAL_AMOUNT,
  • SESSION_AMOUNT, CYCLE_AMOUNT : number of records picked in the current session/cycle,
  • SESSION_SKIPPED_AMOUNT, CYCLE_SKIPPED_AMOUNT : number of records skipped (i.e. having the dpk:Handling=“Skip” attribute) in the current session/cycle.

The session-related values are reseted when the delay between two calls of dpkq exceeds the value defined in the project file.

The cycle-related values are reseted when all records have been picked (given that a record is never picked again before all other records were picked at least once, and at most twice).