The Epeios Meta Mail User Agent backend ('mmuaqbkd')



See configuration for global configuration issues. You may actually not have to modify the configuration file provided with the package for the backend to work properly.


Depending on how the frontend is configured, you may not have to launch specifically the backend (more information on the page dedicated to each frontend).

If you want to launch the backend as daemon, you have to use the dmnzq tool, which is provided in the package. Go to the processing directory, and launch :

  • Under GNU/LINUX or MacOS : dmnzq/tool/dmnzq backend/dmnzq.xprj,
  • under Windows : dmnzq\tool\dmnzq.exe backend\dmnzq.xprj,

To change the port the backend is listening to, modify the Parameters/Plugins/Plugin entry in the processing/backend/dmnzq.xprj file.