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The Epeios Research Project has led to the development of a set of generalist, and some less generalist, C++ libraries, which are published under free license (GNU AGPL). As a computer engineer and owner of this libraries, I use them for the development I do for my clients, and the resulting programs are, as requested by my clients, proprietary.

The backend/frontend protocol, the registry-based configuration system, the XML preprocessor and XDHTML are some of the technologies coming from the Epeios Research Project which are also used in the proprietary software I develop for my clients.

The Epeios Research Project C++ libraries benefits from the amelioration and bug fixing made when developing proprietary software for my clients, those so contributing indirectly to Free Software. But to involve this libraries in more Free Software, as, for example, with XPPq, and making it easier for other Free Software developer to benefit from the Epeios Research Project, your donation will be needed!

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Many thanks to all donors!

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