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The Epeios software project

The Epeios project is a group of free (AGPL licensed) software components. Source code is hosted on GitHub :

The first source code was made online on may 1999 and available through public VCS since august 2000.

Almost all Epeios software works with GNU/Linux (and probably other POSIX compliant operating systems), OS X and Windows, on IA-32, AMD64 and ARM (AArch32 and AArch64, like those on Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, ODROID… devices) architectures..

You can me hire as consulting engineer for the conception and development of your own software components.

  • Tools : software with command-line interface,
  • Apps : software with graphical interface.

  • XDHTML : managing graphical user interfaces,
  • XPP : the XML preprocessor language and tool.

  • Compilation : instructions on how to compile Epeios software components,
  • Configuration : about the configuration of Epeios software components.

  • Reminder : essentially for the developer.
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