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The Epeios software project

The Epeios project is a group of free (AGPL licensed) software components. Source code is hosted on GitHub :

The first source code was made online on may 1999 and available through public VCS since august 2000.

Almost all Epeios software works with GNU/Linux (and probably other POSIX compliant operating systems), macOS and Windows, on IA-32, AMD64 and ARM (AArch32 and AArch64, like those on Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, ODROID… devices) architectures. .

You can me hire as consulting engineer for the conception and development of your own software components.

  • Tools : software with command-line interface, and also (progressively) available as Java, Node.js, PHP… components.
  • Apps : software with graphical interface.

  • XDHTML : managing graphical user interfaces,
  • XPP : the XML preprocessor language and tool.

  • Compilation : instructions on how to compile Epeios software components,
  • Configuration : about the configuration of Epeios software components.

  • Reminder : essentially for the developer.
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