The Epeios Meta Mail User Agent functionalities

This software is in a early development stage. This page describes the currently available functionalities. This functionalities are available for all the frontends, including the CLI one.

The various move actions described below are made by drag & drop of the little hands in the frontends with GUI. Drag & drop operations will not work properly on mobile devices. This issue will be fixed in further version of the software.


An agent is a mail account, which could be handled through a only POP3 server or an IMAP one. The sending of mails, and hence the SMTP protocol, will be handled in coming versions of the software, and also encrypted connections.

On GUI frontends, agents will be managed in the configuration page, available by clicking the configuration button on the main page.

Available agent related operations :

  • Creation,
  • suppression,
  • modification, with and without new password.

An account which can not be properly handled (wrong username and/or password, for example) will be disabled. Such agent are struck out in the GUI frontends, and mark with a ! in the CLI frontend. Such an agent can be enabled again by modifying it.


Folders are used to classify the mails. New mails are put in the Inbox folder.

Available operations on folders are :

  • Creation,
  • renaming,
  • moving one folder (and its sub-folders) in another,
  • displaying contained mails.

Those operations can not be made on some folders. Such folders are displayed in italic in the GUI frontends, and mark with ! in the CLI frontend.


Mails can be :

  • roughly displayed by clicking on them,
  • moved in a folder.


The check button/functionality updates the mail list with the content of the different agents.