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New release of the Epeios XML preprocessor ('xppq')

The Epeios XML preprocessor is a command-line tool which transforms an XML file to another XML file, following directives inserted directly in the source XML file. More details are available on the dedicated page.

This release includes the latest improvements made on the Epeios project software components, in particular the possibility to use this tool on a AArch64 architecture.
It was already possible, in addition to the common IA-32 and AMD64 architectures, to use this tool (and other Epeios related tools) on AArch32 architectures (like the one on the first Raspeberry Pi, Orange Pi, ODROID… devices), but now it is also possible to use a native 64-bit version of this tool on recent or coming versions of this devices, if the installed OS is a 64-bit one (tested on an ODROID-C2 device with a 64-bit Debian Jessie GNU/Linux distribution, with both GNU GCC and Clang compilers).

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